To all New Hampshire State Legislators
Dear Sir or Madam,
I live in Kentucky, and occasionally pass through your state, usually in January, on the way to my daughter's family (& 5 of my grandkids)
in VT.  For the past 10 years, I've been driving my award winning art car, the Liberty Van .  I've been taking new photos
each year for the past 10 of my van in front of all the northeastern Statehouses.  So, I've taken pictures in Concord each year.  Highway 2
runs between the ME Statehouse in Augusta, and the Statehouse in Mt. Pelior, VT.  I have been taking that route every single year, and
most of the time it's dark on that part of my journey.  Liberty Van is decked with strings of tiny MULTI colored Christmas lights.  I have
NEVER been stopped by law enforcement before this January 2, ANYWHERE in NH for ANYTHING.  I'm an extremely careful driver, my
record is SQUEAKY clean, and Liberty Van now has more than 410,000 miles on her.
For the first time, on January 2, I was stopped by law enforcement in Gorham, NH.  They cited me $250 (which is more than my monthly
income - we are living on my husband's tiny pension) for having 'a blue light' - 'installed' on my vehicle.  On top of that, they seriously
abused, & bullied me, and threatened my safety, and the safety of baby puppies I had with me. I must defend myself - have been through
this a few times in other states now, and have defended them successfully, but now have spent all my savings, and can no longer afford to
hire an attorney.  
It would help if you could answer a question for me.  I read the section of law I am cited under.  It seems clear to me the intent of this law
is to prevent anyone from impersonating law enforcement.  That is a serious state interest, and would justify the heavy fine.  But my van
is an award winning ART CAR.  It won a FREE SPEECH Trophy at the largest art car event in America in 2011, at the Houston Art Car
Parade, in Houston, TX. NO one, (even if they took a whole lot of drugs) would ever confuse Liberty Van with any sort of law enforcement.
I just mailed my NOT guilty plea in yesterday, and will get a court date.  I would like to know what was the intent of the NH legislature
in writing the statute I'm cited under, Title XXI Motor Vehicles, Chapter 266:78-b
Was the intent to prevent impersonation of law enforcement, a WORTHY goal (I 100% support & am VERY GRATEFUL FOR proper
CONSTITUTIONAL law enforcement),
was it intended to be an excuse to harass, bully & plunder (aka 'revenue enhancement) grandmothers (or other citizens for that matter)
with some CHRISTMAS lights on a MINIvan , or any other vehicle which NO one would possibly mistake for law enforcement???
NONE of my lights are flashing or blinking.  That would be annoying, also possibly confused with emergency flashers or turn signals.
NONE of these lights are high intensity (no way to blind other drivers), nor have they ever hurt anyone in any way. But they HAVE
given millions of people SMILES.
I hope to get a simple answer to this question of intent, from as many NH State Legislators as possible, to use in preparing my defense. 
Also, if I may ask a second question.  Since after ten years of driving through NH at night, with Christmas lights on my van, one small
jurisdiction in the state seems confused about this, perhaps it needs to be clarified in the vehicle code with a specific exception for
strings of Christmas lights.  I personally have NEVER seen a law enforcement vehicle in ANY state with Christmas lights on it.
Thank you so much for your assistance,
The whole story is here:
Lynda Farley ~
Hosanna Afghan Hounds ~
532 Farley Road, Edmonton, KY 42129
(270)432-7272 CST