I've just updated www.americansmokersparty.com , especially the STATE page (added Virginia and S. Dakota).  I also updated the Kentucky page, and added a new page with some of the FLYERS I hand out as I travel with the Liberty Van.  I also updated the Liberty Van site, www.libertyvan.com .  Enjoy!  I am leaving today (Sept. 9) to take a dog to PA, and hope to tour NY City on 9/11, and be in Washington DC on Spetember 12 for the March On Washington www.campaignforliberty.com and TEA PARTY www.teapartyexpress.org .  Hope I see some of YOU there : )
Also,  On Saturday, Sept. 5th, the Liberty Van attended the huge Tea Party at a park in Louisville, Kentucky.
Looked like two or three thousand people!  Of course, the cops made me move the van, so I mostly cruised all
around the party.
This was one of the stops of the Tea Party Express Bus - www.teapartyexpress.org
I took just a couple of pictures.
Lynda Farley - AKA 'Smokin' Kentucky Granny'
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