Hi All,  I took the van last Saturday,
July 11, 2009, up to Louisville for the annual Republican Roundup Picnic.
I got there late, but there was still a pretty good group there, and really enjoyed some great cruising in Louisville that evening.
At the picnic, several were wearing GREAT T-shirts, with HUGE logos, the word JERRY, with the big red 'NO' circle across them!
For those who don't know, the mayor of Louisville is Jerry Abramson, who has over the past few years created an incredible
'Perfect Storm' of opposition to his stoopid programs and laws he's pushed.  Here's a diagram explaining that.
and a bit more info here:
More about the dog law www.aalf.ws/SAVEourPETS/
This is the Mayor of Louisville, who refused to VETO the bad dog law.
The mayor who LOST the first dog lawsuit, for violating KY Open Meetings Statutes,
but his response to the judge's ruling that voided the law AND ALL SUBSEQUENT AMENDMENTS to that law
was to thumb his nose - 'we will enforce it anyway'? (a SECOND BIG lawsuit is still pending in Federal Court on this matter)

The very same mayor who also nearly simultaneously pissed off all the smokers & business owners with a smoking ban,
lost TWO smoking ban lawsuits, then snuck in another ban (using the SAME tactic - VIOLATING THE KY Open Meetings Law
- that LOST THEM THE FIRST dog lawsuit) and also pissed off thousands of folks who have been Kelo'd/Eminent Domained?

The mayor whose city has been losing MILLIONS OF DOLLARS/YEAR due to DOG SHOW BOYCOTT AND SMOKER'S BOYCOTT,
who CUT POLICE AND FIRE DEPARTMENT budgets, because it's a higher priority to him that all smokers are standing
outdoors in rain, snow, etc, and all the FERRETS in Jefferson County are spayed and neutered?
I am still praying that folks in Louisville aren't dying in fires or muggings due to Mayor Jerry Abramson's twisted values!

We wanted to have him recalled - but on checking at the Kentucky Statehouse, we learned there is NO PROCEDURE
to get rid of out of control mayors or council members, except for them to vote each other out (how sweet is THAT???) Here's a POLL: Should Jerry Abramson run for another term as Mayor of Metro Louisville?
Someone at this Republican picnic was SELLING these same symbols on bumper stickers.  I bought 5 of them, one for each side of the Liberty Van, and an extra.  Took some pictures of the van, so you can see them, and also for those who don't have time to read all the stuff on the van. It will be on the website, for all to enjoy at their leisure, though the pictures never quite do it justice!  I often customize some of the signs for where I am, and since I get to The People's Republic of Louisville fairly often, I have several signs just for them.  This is how the van was 'done up' for the Louisville picnic.
Louisville people, you want to FIND the person who's selling those NO JERRY stickers!  They're too cute : )  Stick them EVERYWHERE!  Maybe you can get the t-shirts, too : )  I've included links for enlargments (easier to read), and I've fixed them to open in new windows.
Lynda Farley